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Why Cyber Security is becoming key factor in E-commerce?

In 2020, more then 200 stores and 5000 customers data was compromised and is famously known as Shopify Data Breach. Apparently, the internal employees of shopify breach into the Order’s API and gained access to customer data of merchants.  

eBay data breach, where the global e-commerce market woke up to know 145 million customers data were compromised. The hackers gained access and stole the customer data.

Thousands of customers and publishers data were stolen from vulnerabilities found by hackers in Barnes and Noble in 2020.

Alibaba, 1.1 million customer data was stolen in 2021.

In April 2020, Quidd, an online marketplace for trading stickers, cards, toys, and other collectibles, suffered a data breach in 2019 which was later discovered in April 2020, where the details of around 4 million of its users were being shared for free on underground hacking forums.

(Note – Here’s the source of incidents)

All these data and individual’s information were stolen probably for social engineering attacks.

Ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, is in business of shipping gasoline and other products from Texas to New Jersey. Later, the organization had to pay over 5M dollars in bitcoins to get their system unlocked.

There are many such incidents where network , application or servers of  E-Commerce organisations are in continuous threat from hackers due to the vulnerabilities in their system. They end up paying huge fund to get back to their respective business. Not only fund, they loose business days, man hours, machine hours, data, information etc.

Many of these real time incidents made these organizations realize of future of cybersecurity. The concept of E commerce sites are to provide platform for sellers and buyers. There are monetary transactions over these sites to buy or sell. And hence, protecting their systems, servers, data, information, funds and so on have become the utmost necessity.  The objective is to protect the e-commerce companies from these cyber attacks. E-commerce organizations do continuously fight with after affect of hacking, stolen data or ransomware attacks, and that is reputation. Once reputation is at stake, these organizations loose trust of its customers and as a result,  loose business.

They have been allocating good budget to keep auditing their security vulnerabilities.  They have started realizing the need of cyber security as key factor for their respective businesses. Investing heavily in their existing employees to learn cyber security. They are hiring more cyber security professionals in typical capacities. The investments are being made in ethical hacking training. These trained ethical hacker professionals are prepared to penetrate their systems and keep finding the vulnerabilities so that these gaps in systems can be sorted. However, there are few handful educational institutions working with a goal for learners to learn cyber security. The importance of future of cybersecurity has been felt as a separate dedicated department in all the organizations.

Such data / information security breaches are becoming increasingly common across the globe and cause extreme damage to the companies. To avert such attacks companies are hiring cyber security professionals to hep protect their data and IT infrastructure from getting hacked by cyber criminals. The Offensive Defense Certified Professional – Blue (ODCP-B) program by the Offensive Defense is designed to develop and re-enforce Cyber security skills to get you ready for such challenging and high paying roles. Know more at https://offdef.com/brochure/.

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